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Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Climate Change and the Green Environment (Level 4):-

Learners Handbook Author Trevor George Burchick MBE;

The Learners Handbook (content includes) :-
Theme 1 Knowledge about your community

Theme 2 Knowledge about climate change and social sciences
Theme 3 Understanding global impacts of climate change
Theme 4 Understanding sustainability and factors affecting it
Theme 5 Understanding the effects of carbon emissions and waste
Theme 6 Understanding other factors impacting on our environment


The UK has 10 million students, with City & Guilds the biggest name in Vocational UK Education spanning 2 million learners (working towards qualifications) every year. This handbook is intended to engage many of those students and others who choose to gain and expand knowledge of the most important topic (Climate Change) that impacts on all careers in every country across the world. The purpose of this handbook is for learners (irrespective of their sectors of study or careers) to develop understanding of the green environment, Climate Change, Sustainability, Net Zero and learn factors that relate to the green skills future.

About us:-

We are the longest running independent Consultant to awarding bodies.  We have trained hundreds of NHS Health Trainers for City & Guilds. 200 SME staff for ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management). We’ve supported 1200 Active Citizenships “City & Guilds” during delivery and have access to 3million research books, helping save 30,000 trees a year which has inspired the “Climate Change” project during COP27 – we must increase the green environment sustainability effect.

Trevor Burchick MBE  is the North West Climate Action Champion, launching the Centre for Climate Change ( as a tribute to COP27 success his previously created the largest national qualifications awarding body’s Active Citizenship scheme about community cohesion, developed for then PM Tony Blair’s experts on communities and local government. 

Trevor is respected all across LGBTQi communities from creatively founding Pridegames and Pridesports, the international platform for equality in driving participation into all sport. 

Made a Life Honorary Member of City & Guilds of London Institute and presented with the MBE, by King Charles, for exceptional services to education and communities his drive is at the forefront of collaborative networks, developing Climate Apprenticeships that will impact into every career, on all business sectors and into ever life in the UK.  His message is clear to all “we must all build a green environment that will sustain long life for this unique planet”.

The role of Climate Action Champions is to strengthen collaboration and drive action from businesses, organisations, in cities and regions, on climate change, and coordinate this work with governments and investors where the whole population are the key stakeholders.

Trevor is CEO of the Centre for Climate Change and Professional Skills Academy which is the leading awarding bodies longest established consultant.  More at as he seeks investor coalition of green minded businesses working to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon economy.  “Time is running out and nobody can stop the clock”

Professional Skills Academy aim to train more SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) and develop Climate Apprenticeships in 2023 across Northern England. It is our belief the UK’s 5 million SMEs deserve a Climate Change pathway that signify SME skills and leadership.  Five million SMEs each has a CEO, they know the importance of the green economy, many of them provide local support.  SMEs are full of skill areas, innovation, empathy, inspiration and real work life challenges faced daily in running an SME. We see qualities at these SME “coal faces”  in abundance in the North of England.  Green Environment and Sustainability qualifications will be a good way to prove the importance of SME’s in carbon reduction, recycling and protecting our environment, all helping make good climate solution leadership local and proud. 


Our Centre for Climate Change development seeks to support learners using Ed Tech access to the widest range of knowledge in safe access social media space built on climate science and new technology using partnership MoUs .  Also our  SME training helps motivate the Northern Powerhouse’s education, training and skills approach;  using our City and Guilds and ILM’s leadership, mentoring and management courses. This is a great opportunity to shape dynamic Apprenticeships for the green economy, sports clubs, health and therapy clinics, physical activity centres and boost mental health.  In Cumbria the “healthier community” programme gives a solid case study to “level up” Northern England’s young people, encouraging better health choices in workplaces.

Trevor Burchick MBE our founder CEO created UK’s Pridegames & Global’s Pridesports, connecting  over 14,000 sports and leisure LGBTQi volunteers using 170 organisers.  He personally wrote the City & Guilds qualification called Active Citizenship and Trev is a leading Sports Therapy voice, plus being an enterprise skills pioneer.  Trevor’s unique mentoring helped develop SMEs from starting up to million pound turnovers and NHS Health Services into million pound grant winners. He raised over £250,000 into volunteers events and charities including a Trek bike-ride from Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel’s Tower raising funds for the British Heart Foundation.


Trevor Burchick MBE. CEO “Carrying the Olympic torch was a proud part of my life, everyone was 100% happy“.  Trevor in 2012 was awarded the Lifetime Honorary Membership of The City & Guilds Institute.

Climate Apprenticeships – (Thank You to All)

Networking:- helping develop City & Guilds’ Climate Level 2 Award we based its structure on our successful IPaC, delivered across the UK as the most grass roots inspired  community engagement resource.  Our contacts include:- British Council, London South Bank University, Lowry Arts, SCC Tech Train, WeBuyBooks, Stratagem Consultancy. NW Sports Organisations, Trident Manufacturing, BBC, Department of Communities, British Heart Foundation, Health staff from Blackpool, Warrington, Rotherham,  Stockport, Ashton, Stoke and Blackburn.  Doncaster ITeC, Pridegames, Camping and Caravanning Club, Uswim, STA, Mountain Warehouse,  English Heritage, City & Guilds, NCVO, Mexborough Business Centre, Voluntary Action, Manchester’s Airport, Learning for Living, Pride and Marketing Manchester, ILM, Yorkshire’s Wildlife Park, Jet 2, Always Aim High, Trek, Coop, National Grid For Learning, Mind plus individuals whom we acknowledge with respect and our lasting gratitude.  Network building Ed Tech for Climate Apprenticeships. Welcome:- 

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City & Guilds’ CEO Kirstie Donnelly MBE with Trevor Burchick MBE our Group CEO. Gold Medal Winner, Tutor of The Year, Lion Award. Social Enterprise Fellowship, C&G Lifetime Honorary Membership and MBE for his quality services to education and communities.

“Taking Part” photograph by Paul Jones:-10kmRun_Quays_Su19_TW_OX3P2664

One of our equality events.  Photo by the late Paul Jones; RIP who died in 2021 after a long battle with Cancer. Super friend to all.

We meet major awarding body quality high standards with our trophy winning team that showcases our pedigree provider excellence.





Project 1: Currently developing the new Climate Apprenticeships Award handbook for the awarding body based on our successful launch of the Active Citizenship at City & Guilds; an innovative, stimulating project from consultations with Hazel Blears (then Cabinet Minister working for (Sir) Tony Blair, plus Gordon Brown PM as his Communities Cohesion Minister). Others included David Cameron PM (pictured below) and many community care teams (see networking list).

We aim to Ed Tech connect 50,000 Climate Apprenticeships worth £20million using a new Ed-Tech adult learning platform. This high priority vocational area has been lacking and deserves a redesign of the Government Levy system to offer more choice to individuals in helping them safeguard our planet.


Project 2: ILM based Senior Mentor courses (levels 4, 5, 6 & 7) to help better support post-apprenticeships going into employment.  Motivation, innovation, equality, respect, diversity, leadership and keeping pace with technology will be mentor skill qualities.  Our aim will be for 30 Senior Mentors to achieve ILM Level 7 with each building their own Skills Academy. A new Ed Tech Climate Skills Platform will help provide capacity builder solutions to the UK skills shortage; delivering 15000 northern green economy apprenticeships by 2030.


Project 3:  The future of your planet is at risk in ways we cannot truly comprehend. As a responsible Awarding Body Approved Centre we must help build the skills, knowledge and understanding approach to the needs of our Global World. From protecting your local Environment to combating Climate Change.  All must do their part which is why these are high priority areas to infuse into Awarding Body responsible learning programmes.


Project 4:  Green Economy is important to us all.  Our latest project will seek 1 million education research books put online for apprenticeships to access knowledge.  This Ed-Tech feature will save millions of books. The aim is to help save 50,000 trees within 5 years and for all apprenticeships to take part in helping save our planet.


Data analysis and digital resources are lacking in many of our 5 million SMEs that have post Covid priorities.  The SMEs need quality business partners, new technology and competitive growth skills.  We already help shape the future in our SME network that reaches over 2,600,000 customers.  Post Covid we believe SME opportunities are limitless.

Network study:- There were 5.5 million SME (small medium businesses) in the UK at the start of 2021. We seek to encourage Level 2 and Level 3 Climate Change opportunities within SMEs in the style of our popular IPAC which we wrote for City & Guilds. SMEs need progression skills to build more community interest and new enterprise.

We partner with our customers to deliver work-based learning programmes that build competency to support better prospects for people, organisations and society. We create flexible learning pathways that support individuals, because we believe that people deserve the opportunity to train, learn and gain new skills throughout every stage of life.  We are an equal opportunities organisation.

Copyright:- Professional Skills Academy / Centre for Climate Change Ltd – not for profit group – CEO Trevor Burchick MBE

We are a Not for Profit organisation as leading development consultants on Health and Wellbeing, Community Cohesion, Climate Change, ILM (leadership) and City & Guilds life & skills opportunities.

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