Level 4 Leadership and Management

The Level 4 is designed totally around self-selected units from a wide range of options.

Including the required Knowledge, abilities and technical skills you need to be an effective manager. This is a modern approach that aims to put your work role activities at the heart of your qualification journey. With 27 choices at Award you have 50+ unit choices when shaping your personalised Certificate or Diploma.

Level 4 is a progression journey leading to the Level 4 Diploma.  Candidates would enter at whatever stage they are self reflectively placed during initial assessment. This includes recognising your APL (Accreditation of own Prior Learning) which is an important part in agreeing your own Level 4 starting point. Where a candidate has sufficient prior experience they can enter at the higher stage.

Who are they for?

The qualification is designed for new and aspiring department heads, higher skill team leaders and middle managers – roles that require comprehensive business knowledge and the skills needed to lead at highly motivated levels.

The qualification is designed to be an excellence validation, proving to help the businesses evidence its investment in staff and to gain quality recognition that projects its better business quality image.

This qualification is a nationally recognised qualification (ILM Scheme 8605).

Benefits for individuals
  • Consolidate your management skills and experience
  • Build knowledge of specialist business areas such as finance and marketing
  • Develop the capabilities and personal awareness you need to be a leader
  • Accredit your experience with a nationally recognised qualification
Benefits for your Employer
  • Managers advance understanding of their role and function in the organisation
  • Managers can assess and improve their own leadership styles and behaviours
  • Flexible choice – customise qualification to close your organisation’s skills gaps



Level 4 – Award in Leadership and Management £650
Award must achieve a Minimum of 5 credits from a Minimum of 2 Units.

Level 4 – Certificate in Leadership and Management £1,400
Certificate must achieve a Minimum of 13 credits using self-choice units.

Level 4 – Diploma in Leadership and Management £1,850
Diploma must achieve a Minimum of 37 credits using self-choice units.

Please Note
City & Guilds has integrated ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) to provide Leadership, Management and progression qualifications that bring in value added opportunities for candidates to access ILM on-line professional support service.

ILM is part of City & Guilds for the higher skilled portfolio.

ILM Qualifications require all units to be achieved within 3 years of commencing your learner journey.

There will be a minimum time scale allowed spread across 10 weeks. 

Accreditation of Prior Achievement is allowed for evidence within the last 3 years.

VAT is included in our price structure wherever applicable during 2016/17.

Help or guidance with your learning and development issues is available on request.