Health Trainers

Who are they for?

This suite of qualifications is outstandingly adaptable to the workplace, from raising the proficiency of Health and wellbeing and community volunteers, to those staff employed as Health Trainers or those progressing into more strategic workplace wellbeing managers.

Constructed by a policy writer of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, our courses bring action thinking into how people’s health and wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace, can be improved using communication skills, thematic motivation and action planning techniques, and all in the context of the candidates own work environment. This suite of qualifications offers a logical route of progression.

Level 3 C&G Certificate – Health Trainer

6 days (equivalent attendance)

Health Trainers (sometimes called Lifestyle or Wellbeing Mentors) can gain this qualification with full support from our course tutors. This qualification is for all, from those who are just starting out to those in the work place that have responsibility for any stage of health or workplace wellbeing strategy. You do not need any prior qualification. Some people choose an entry Level 2 (RSPH) but in our experience we recommend direct entry onto the Level 3 as the most efficient priced route to Health and Wellbeing Qualifications. Level 2 is theory based, while Level 3 goes into knowledge and skills through the practical application.

This Level 3 will suit you if you like the idea of working closely with people to promote their better health and well-being.

There are four core units:

  • Introduction to the role and responsibilities of a health trainer
  • Establishing and developing relationships with communities
  • Communicate with individuals about promoting their health and well-being
  • Enable individuals to change their behaviour to improve their health and well-being
Level 4 ILM Certificate – Workplace Wellbeing

10 days (equivalent attendance)

At Level 4 your responsibility includes; reducing health inequalities, health and wellbeing improvement, planning and problem solving. Those that have achieved the Level 3 City & Guilds Health Trainer qualification may adapt evidence in attaining Level 4 qualification.

The level 4 Certificate requires a total of 13 credit values. There is allowed scope to select optional units. For those already having achieved their City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate the Level 4 progression recommended units are the following 4 units:

H1 Motivating People (unit is 2 credit value)

Motivating People Unit uses your Session Plan (produced at Level 3) to progress and use in your micro-teach presentation. Opportunity is presented to improve content of your session plan, using Theories of motivation, techniques and reflective review for your performance. There is also the 15 minute presentation where PTLLS is being claimed (see note below).

H2 Solving Problems (unit is 3 credit value)

Solving Problems Unit uses your Action Plan produced at Level 3 to identify improved style in taking the client centred approach to your selected problem. You consider solving a barrier or setback, from any relevant area in showing how you would determine health or wellbeing improvement.  Improving your action plan is supported by relevant hand-outs.

H3 Planning and Leading a complex team activity (unit is 4 credit value)

Your assignment would be something with responsibility, such as leading a health stall or event using your knowledge of services that help potential clients consider improvement.

H4 Managing Equality and Diversity in your role (unit is 4 credit value)

An essential part of working with people is your need to ensure Equality and Diversity. You will review and explain how you manage your role, ensuring an organisation commitment is communicated on important aspects through you sampling and evaluating performance.


Level 3 Certificate £865

Level 4 Certificate £1,599

Please Note
City & Guilds Awards and Certificates require all units to be achieved within 3 years of commencing your learner journey.

2016/17 Prices (including course resources and learner hand-outs)

Accreditation of Prior Achievement is allowed for evidence gained within the last 3 years.

VAT is included in our price structure wherever applicable during 2016/17

Help or guidance with your learning and development issues is available on request.

“This has been both a very enjoyable and thought provoking course. It has consolidated my pervious learning and job experience. It has updated and improved my knowledge in terms of the role of the Wellbeing Mentor and Health Trainer”

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